Why Ajeva?

Simple. Our accessible financing options allow you to treat more patients.

It’s possible you’re turning away 60% of your patients — not because they don’t want the treatment you recommend, but because they can’t afford it. Many of them have less-than-perfect credit too, so they won’t qualify for financing. But what if they could qualify?

Introducing Ajeva — a human-focused financing company helping patients with all sorts of credit needs. Here are just a few reasons why it makes sense to offer Ajeva in your dental practice.

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It’s a simple process for you and your patients.

Our painless setup process will have you offering Ajeva in no time, and your patients can apply without ever leaving your office!
Once they are approved, you can schedule their treatment right away.


More approvals. More treatments. More revenue.

We’ll approve the patients other companies won’t so you can do what you’re best at — treating patients. As an added bonus, you’ll increase your revenue too.


Hassle-free payments — Up-front and in-full!

Unlike insurance, there is no billing whatsoever. Once your patient is approved, you’ll get paid for their treatment directly from Ajeva. Oh, and did we mention, you’ll be paid up-front and in-full?


We’ll refer new patients to you.

It’s a match made in heaven. As an Ajeva provider, you’ll be added to our network, so when a patient in your area is looking for dentists who offers Ajeva, we’ll connect you.


Your personal Ajeva Advocate is here for you.

Get personalized attention from your dedicated Ajeva Advocate. They’ll take you step-by-step through the implementation of Ajeva into your existing financing workflows and answer any other questions you have along the way.

Are you ready to treat more patients?

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