Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Ajeva?

This section will provide you with answers to some of the most frequent questions asked about Ajeva. If something you need to know isn’t answered here, feel free to contact us.

ajeva basics

What’s Ajeva?

Ajeva is a financing solution for patients needing dental treatment, specializing in helping people, regardless of FICO scores or financial situations. We are perfect for your patients with less-than-perfect credit or those who just need a little extra financing help.

How does Ajeva work?

It’s a very simple  process.

  1. Your patients will apply, in most cases right in your office.
  2. Ajeva take a look at their entire credit profile, not just their credit score, and provide a decision in minutes.
  3. Once the patient passes underwriting, they will review their terms, contract, and pay their 15% down payment and loan origination fee.
  4. You schedule and treat your patient.
  5. The funds for their treatment are then sent directly to you within 10 banking days.
How much does it cost to offer Ajeva?

There are no setup fees or ongoing costs to offer Ajeva to your patients. For those patients that are approved, there is a 20% merchant fee charged on the treatment amount. This is taken out of the amount that is funded directly to you.

What procedures can be financed?

Any dental related treatment can be financed with Ajeva. We do not offer financing solutions for non-dental health treatments at this time.

How do I get started with Ajeva?

It’s easy! You’re just 3 steps away from offering Ajeva.

  1. You can enroll in 2 minutes here.
  2. A dedicated advocate will contact you to schedule a brief training.
  3. You will start inviting patients to apply for Ajeva!
Why should I use Ajeva over other financing companies?

Ajeva isn’t meant to replace your other financing options, but be offered as a supplement. Whether your patients have less-than-perfect credit and can’t qualify, or they need an additional loan for a portion of their treatment, we can help.

What kind of approval rates can I expect for my patients?

Considering Ajeva does not rely on a FICO score we are able to approve a substantial number of patients declined by traditional lenders. Based on historical data, we have approved on average 75% of the applications sent to Ajeva.

What kind of payment plans does Ajeva provide to patients?

All Ajeva payment plans are affordable and fixed with monthly payments. Terms range from 6 to 24 months, depending on your patient’s individual situation. Specific loan terms are finalized during the application process.

Ajeva Patient Application Process

How can my patients apply for an Ajeva loan?

Patients can apply online, at home, or in your office by clicking here. It takes less than 5 minutes and it’s easy! .

What information do they need to apply online?

We require basic information for approval, including: the applicant’s name, social security number, address, living situation, income, and banking information for automatic payments.

How long does it take to get a decision?

Decisions are typically made within 5 minutes.

How will I know if my patients have been approved?

Application decisions will appear right on the computer screen as soon as the application is completed. Once your patient is fully approved you’ll get an email confirmation so you can schedule their treatment.

Can I see details of each patient’s application?

Absolutely! Simply log in to your portal and click “Applications.” Select the patient's name to view all of their details.

Will applying affect my patient’s credit score?

Although we do not fully depend on a FICO score to make our underwriting decisions, we still pull the score to add to our over 2000 underwriting variables.  Pulling a FICO score will create an inquiry on the patients credit profile.

Can patients apply with a cosigner?

Currently Ajeva does not have the ability to finance with a co-signer.  However, this update will be available soon.

How does Ajeva keep my patients’ personal and banking information safe?

We use state-of-the-art technology and the most secure software, computers, and servers to ensure your patients’ personal information will never be compromised.

Can my patient apply if they’ve had a bankruptcy?

Yes, as long as the bankruptcy has been discharged.

Ajeva Loans

What do I need to do if the treatment fee increases after the payment plan has been accepted?

Your patient is allowed to open multiple accounts if they can be approved by Ajeva. So, additional treatment can be covered by opening a new account, or paying off an old loan to make room for a new one.

What if the final treatment amount is less than the funded amount?

You will submit a refund ticket to Ajeva. Ajeva will then handle the refund to the patient and debit your account the overpaid amount.

What are the interest rates for dental loans?

APR Depends on the approval level of your patients and the state they reside in.

My patient doesn’t want to pay interest. Is there an option to pay deferred interest?

We don’t offer a zero percent or deferred interest plan yet; however, patients can pay their loans off early without penalty to save money on interest.  They can also make additional payments which will automatically apply to their principle.

How much can my patients finance?

The total amount your patients can finance will depend on their individual situation and credit profile. We’ll look at every patient’s circumstances holistically and treat them like a human, not a 3-digit number like many other lenders do.


When will my patient receive their first billing statement?

Their first statement will be sent 7 days before their monthly payment is auto-debited from their bank account.

What will the monthly payments be?

Payments will be based on the amount financed, the interest rate, and the loan term.

Can a patient pay off an Ajeva loan before the end of the term?

Absolutely! And they’ll save money on interest this way!

Where do patients make payments?

Payments are auto-debited each month from their bank account. If they need to make an immediate payment, they can go here, or call us at 1-800-395-AJEVA (2538) for assistance.

What if my patient can’t afford to make their payment one month?

Ajeva is built on the understanding that financial situations occasionally change. We invite patients to chat with us through our website, or call an Ajeva Advocate right away at 1-800-557-AJEVA (2538) to work out a solution.

Can patients make payments at our office?

No, payments must be made directly to Ajeva. Patients  can call an Ajeva Advocate at 1-800-557-AJEVA (2538) for assistance.

Contact Ajeva

Where can I direct patients to call with questions about their Ajeva account?

An Ajeva Advocate is standing by and ready to help. They can give us a call toll-free at 1-800-557-AJEVA (2538).

Who can I call with questions about Ajeva?

Give us a call at 1-800-395-AJEVA (2538). An Ajeva Advocate is waiting to speak with you.

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