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Why do 60% of your patients walk in and then leave without treatment? It’s simple. They can’t afford the dental work that they need.

No one wins. You lose revenue because patients don’t have the work done. Patients lose because they live with dental conditions that only get worse. There’s got to be a way for everyone to be happy.

There is a solution. Ajeva’s dental loan program takes care of you and your patients. Everyone wins.

What’s a Dental Loan?

Dental loans are lending arrangements that provide the money needed to cover dental procedures. Like any type of loan, the applicant submits an application. Our team evaluates the information and provides an answer. If the loan is approved, the funds are forwarded to you the dental provider. The patient has the work, you have your money, and everyone is happy.

How Long Does It Take to Apply?

We make the process quick and easy. Our main focus is on ensuring applicants earn the minimum amount required for our loan program. Basic data like name, physical address, income level, and the amount requested are examples of key information we need to evaluate an application. In many cases, the patient will have a response in less time than it takes to process a standard bank loan.

What About Fees?

All fees are spelled out up front so there’s no confusion. There’s also a schedule of fees that your patient can review before accepting any loan offer that we extend.

Repaying the Dental Loan

The dental loan comes with an affordable rate of interest and fixed installment payments. That makes it easy for the patient to include the payment in the monthly budget plan. We have provisions for remitting payments online as well as receiving payments by post. There’s even an interface where the patient can track when payments are posted, check the current loan balance, and in general manage their accounts with ease.

At Ajeva, we don’t view you or your patients as statistics. We realize you are a real person offering a real service who deserves to be paid now. We also realize your patients are real people with their own unique set of circumstances. Talk with us about our dental loan program and how it benefits everyone concerned. It won’t take long to see why this is an option you want every one of your patients to know about.

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