Why Ajeva?

First and Foremost, We Exist to Make you Smile.

Our whole reason for being is to make you smile by making the dental care you and your loved ones need more accessible. Here are a few reasons why you might like to work with us.

*This will affect your credit score

Dental Payment Plans

We Care About YOU. Not Your Credit Score.

A not-so-perfect score won’t keep you from getting the dental treatment you want or need.

We’ll look at your credit profile holistically, not just a 3-digit number like other lenders.


It’s super simple to apply.

We aren’t here to bog you down with paperwork and endless requests for information. You can apply online, right here, in under 5 minutes. Ajeva will typically give you an instant decision to your loan request.


You’ll get your treatment fast.

Once you complete your application and pass underwriting, you will review terms and payment options. We require a down payment of 15% of the approved loan amount.  After down payment, your treatment will be funded directly to your dentist, so you can schedule your treatment right away!


Ajeva is a monthly installment loan.

Having an installment loan on your credit report can improve your score with positive payment history.


Reasonable  interest rates and affordable monthly payments.

We look at your individual situation and determine a loan amount with terms you can afford. Interest rates depend on your unique credit profile.  There are no prepayment penalties, so you can pay off your loan early to save on interest.


We’re a dental-focused lender for people with all sorts of credit needs.

We have years of experience in the dental and finance industries. We know dental care and how expensive it can be. Regardless of your financial situation, we want to help. Whether you need to fund your entire treatment or just a portion, we want to help you!  Apply today!


We believe in doing good things.

We’re in business to make a difference in the lives of others. Business is a great vehicle for positive change. We’re deeply committed to our community and planet. That’s why we donate two percent of our profits to organizations that are making the planet a better place for all.

Ready to Apply?

Apply now and get an instant decision, so you can schedule your dental care right away.

APPLY NOW *This WILL affect your credit score

Get Approved. Get Treatment. Smile.