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Why Ajeva is Better Than the Others

Not everyone has access to dental insurance. If you’re among them, that means looking for another way to cover the cost of any dental procedures. While there are lenders out there who will work with you, not all of them are worth your time. You need a lender who will treat you with respect and appreciate your business. That company is Ajeva Dental Financing Company.

What is it that makes Ajeva stand out from the rest? The company has a lot going for it in terms of taking care of dentists and the patients who choose to do business with them. Here are some examples of why you will find that Ajeva is better than the others.

One of the Most Widely Accepted Financing Options

What are the odds that your dentist currently participates in dental patient plans through Ajeva? They are quite high. Of all the options for dental financing, you’ll find that Ajeva works with a wider range of dental clinics and practices. Think of the amount of time and effort you save when the dentist of your choice is already enrolled in the program.

On the off-chance that your dentist does not participate, becoming part of the approved network is not difficult. A representative can go over the way the financing works so the dentist knows what to expect. Once the arrangement is in place, you’re all set to apply for the financing.

Applications are Reviewed Quickly

Consumers who seek dental loans often do so because they need dental work done now rather than later. The team at Ajeva understands that. Once your application is received, the review begins as quickly as possible. There’s even the possibility that a response will be back to you in less time than it would take to apply for and receive a bank loan.

The Loan Terms and Conditions Contain No Surprises

Not all lenders are completely forthcoming about the fees, interest rates, and miscellaneous charges that come with medical loans or lines of credit. One of the nice thing about the dental patient plans offered by Ajeva is that there are no surprises. All of the information about fees and charges are presented up front. You even know what sort of down payment you need to supply, and the fixed rate of interest that will apply to your loan balance.

The Payments Are Fixed and Easier to Budget

The fact that Ajeva is so transparent with fees and charges makes it all the easier to know what your monthly loan payments will be in advance. This is true whether you opt for a six-month loan or need to finance the cost of your dental work for a full two years. Every month, you know how much to budget in order to cover the payment. What could be simpler?

Remitting Payments is Simple

Online payment processing is convenient and helps you to ensure nothing is left undone at the end of the month. With Ajeva, you have access to an interface that makes it easy to remit electronic payments. Not every other medical loan lender offers this option. The fact that remitting payments for dental loans requires a minimum of steps makes the process all the easier.

Tracking Loan Balances is Quick and Easy

It’s not just about the ease of remitting your payments. Did you know that you can track them with ease? The user interface that Ajeva provides is easy to understand. At any time you like, it’s a simple process to know when a payment is received, when it’s applied to your account balance, and what your new balance happens to be. You’re never left wondering if a payment got lost somehow or wonder if it’s posted yet.

Our Customer Satisfaction Rate is High

For the duration of your loan, the team at Ajeva makes sure you have access to someone who can help you with any question or concern. From help with the user interface to wondering what procedures are covered, we are happy to talk with you. Along with the ability to talk real-time to a person, we also offer email and text options to reach our customer support team. It’s just one more way that we go the extra mile for you.

Like any financing strategy, it pays to know where to get the best terms and support for dental loans. Take a look at what Ajeva has to offer. We’re betting that after you compare us with other financing options, you’ll be ready to prepare and submit an application immediately.