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The Seven Powerful Secrets of Dental Marketing Success

Dental Marketing landscape is evolving rapidly and it can be hard to catch up on all of these trends. Here is a quick summary of the 7 ways to supercharge your dental marketing success.

Secret #1: Word of Mouth ALWAYS Triumphs

In the age of Google and Social, Word-of-Mouth still remains as the most powerful form of marketing. Here are three reasons why it’s important for you to embrace Word-of-Mouth marketing:

  1. It is inexpensive. Imagine if you had to use television and print media to advertise your dental clinic. The costs would be astronomical and way beyond your budget.
  2. It is highly targeted. Word-of-mouth marketing is highly targeted and results in greater conversion.
  3. It is far more effective. When it comes to local businesses like dental clinics, customers value the opinion of their friends and family members. So, when you are recommended to a potential patient, your credibility goes sky high!

In the following article, we show you the best strategies to fully harness the power of word of Word-of-mouth marketing.

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Secret #2: Embrace Google Beyond Search Marketing

Google offers three powerful tools to supercharge your dental marketing efforts:

  1. Google Places which provide a secure location for your dental practice on the web (and in the customer’s mind).
  2. Google Reviews which gives you the opportunity to use the experience of your current customers to get more business.
  3. Google + which offers you the combined advantages of Social Media, Blog and SEO content.

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Secret #3: Use Facebook’s Targeting Abilities to Pinpoint your Audience

Facebook surpass Google in helping you get highly targeted audience. Unlike Google, people engage on Facebook in a very different way. When it comes to Facebook marketing, the two golden rules are: Targeting and Relevant Engagement. The more you do these two consistently, the better results you will see from your Facebook marketing initiative.

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Secret #4: Leverage Patients Psychology to get a “Yes”

According to a Dr. Michael Kesner, when it comes to making decisions, 85% of the process is based on our experiences (feelings and emotions), and only 15% is based on reason and logic. So, even if you suggested the best treatment plan and were the most qualified dentist in the world, it would not necessarily translate into a patient saying “yes.” However, when you use the right emotional triggers, it can immediately translate into a “Yes”.

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Secret #5: Send Personalized Emails to Boost Repeat Visits

Email is the number one marketing and communication tool on the planet, and yet, it is grossly underutilized by most dental practices. You need segmentation to fully utilize the power of email marketing. In simple terms, segmentation-based email marketing is about sending relevant emails to patients depending on their level of engagement with your practice. When you send personalized messaging to a patient, it increases their connection to your practice and they will visit your practice, again and again.

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Secret #6: Turn your Patients into Raving Fans

When you make relationship-building part of your core philosophy, your practice turns into a place patients love to visit. Why? Because you stop seeing a patient as a transaction, and start treating each one as a relationship that lasts a lifetime. Great relationships turn your patients into loyal advocates, which eventually translates into fans, super fans and raving fans!

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Secret #7: Use Online Reviews and Portals to Get More Patients

A number of online review sites and portals can do the heavy lifting job of marketing your dental practice, 365 days a year.  The key is to find the best ones and get your dental practice listed with some great reviews. Here is are the top six sites to boost your dental marketing with just one time effort:

  1. ZocDoc: ZocDoc is an online portal that allows patients to schedule appointments with health-care professionals.
  2. Healthgrades: With a powerful local search function, Healthgrades can put you directly in front of eager patients looking for a dentist.
  3. Switchboard: With firsthand data from over 2 billion annual searches combined with fine targeting capabilities, Switchboard offers a great way to connect with potential patients.
  4. Yelp: Yelp is big! Residents who have recently moved to your area are more likely to search for dentists on Yelp than through any other online service.
  5. Yahoo Local: Creating a great profile on Yahoo and collecting user reviews there is still worth the effort. It will reach a unique audience among those who still prefer to use Yahoo.
  6. Kudzu: Kudzu is the new kid on the block, but it has some great search capabilities. Easily one of the best platforms after Yelp and Yahoo

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The key to growing your practice is improving how your patients relate to your practice. To reap the benefits from the strategies mentioned in this article, take baby steps. The best way to do this is to have weekly action plans in place.

Here is a sample blueprint to execute your dental marketing strategy:

Week 1: Sort patients into segments and draft messaging for each segment.

Week 2: Send emails to each segment.

Week 3: Create a Yelp profile.

Week 4: Collect Yelp reviews from your top 5 patients.

Week 5: Set up a Google Places profile.

Week 6: Collect Google reviews from 5 more patients.

Week 7: Prepare a communication plan.

Week 8: Launch a patient referral program.


A system is only as good as its weakest link.

Your weekly plan should be based on strengthening your weakest link first. If you are facing issues with getting new patients, you may want to focus on search marketing in Week 1 and email marketing in Week 2. If you are looking to improve patient retention, you should establish a communication plan first. Whatever you decide to start with, creating a weekly action plan will ensure that you keep making progress.

When you take one baby step after another, it won’t be long before you start seeing results.