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Proven Tactics to Reduce Dental Treatment Cancellations in Your Practice

Tactics to Reduce Dental Treatment Cancellations - Infographic

Many reasons prevail in the cancellation of a dental treatment appointment which is a bane to the dentist and the dental practice. The professional service scheduling is thrown off for the day with less revenue especially with impromptu dental cancellations.

This situation is worsened when the patient does not show up for the scheduled appointment without prior notification. The dentist and dental team are left waiting and precious time is wasted which could accommodate another patient.

A well-designed scheduling system could remove such hassles of dental appointments and cancellations. A performing dental practice should avoid appointment cancellations at all cost to improve revenue. Dental practices could adopt 7 proven tactics to reduce dental treatment cancellations for higher earnings.

1) Efficient Administration

Proactive dental administrators or assistants must be efficient in identifying patients who have a history of appointment cancellation. These patients need to be reminded of their dental appointments more frequently than others to avoid an impromptu no-show.

A dynamic scheduling system could send off even last-hour reminders to such patients with a required response of confirmation on appointments.

2) Professional Discernment on Appointments

Efficient dental administrators must be professional while exercising discretion in setting and confirming dental appointments with patients particularly those with a history of potential cancellation or no-show.

The administrator may need to be more discerning over the appointments set for patients with potential patients to fill the open slots when necessary.

3) Waiting List Mentality

Patients with a confirmed appointment tend to take it for granted and become irresponsible towards their scheduled appointment. Patients should be on a “waiting list schedule” where they must be present to enjoy their booked appointment slot before it is given over to those who are available at that time.

4) Database of Patients for automated reminders

Modern technologies offer dynamic scheduling dental systems with versatile features that include reminders on appointments. This system builds up the required patient database with the right email addresses to enable an email or text message on dental appointment reminders.

The email contact information must be regularly updated to ensure accuracy and prompt delivery of mails. A proper opt-in response from every patient is preferred in this database system

5) Win Patients Over

When patients experience stellar professional dental care which they enjoy, they are sure to keep their next appointments. Hence, dentists and dental assistants play a crucial role in making their patients feel comfortable and happy to receive professional dental services and quality dental treatments.

A friendly disposition by dentists and dental assistants also helps reduce dental treatment cancellations as a warm reception to the patients would raise their level of reliability and commitment to appointments.

6) Educating Patients

When patients are aware of the importance of honoring their dental appointments through well-written brochures and in-house educational videos, they would act more responsibly. This is part of the good dental services offered to patients to ensure a pleasant visit to the dentist.

7) Implement a Scheduling System

Dental practices with a lack of professional manpower could implement a dynamic scheduling system that handles dental appointments efficiently to lower cancellations.