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5 Simple Ways to Know if Your Practice is in a Rut

“The great advantage of being in a rut is that when one is in a rut, one knows exactly where one is.” – Arnold Bennett While the quote is humorous, the situation isn’t. In fact, many dentists aren’t sure whether or not their practice is in a rut, but if they’re asking the question, there… Read more »


5 Simply Essential Components of a Great Dental Website

Your website is the gateway to your practice. It is the often the first glimpse a patient gets of your brand, office, and staff. It is also a major marketing and patient-recruiting tool that can’t be ignored. So, it needs to be the best it can be. We’ve put together a list of essential (yet… Read more »


10 Plain Weird Requests That Dentists Get From Patients

Dentists hear it all! Whether they’ve been practicing for 20 years or 20 days, it doesn’t take long to get some strange requests from patients. Most aren’t the Hollywood “I demand only red skittles” kind of weird, but you’ll see what we mean. The following are down right weird (and even strangely popular) requests that dentists… Read more »


Top Funny Dentistry Stories You Haven’t Heard Yet

From slow tooth extractions to tales of strange requests from patients, you’ve probably heard your share of funny stories in dentistry. We thought we’d pull our favorite ones that you might not have heard about from across the web. We’ve taken the liberty to paraphrase some of them, but we’ve included were we’ve pulled them… Read more »


Overview of Dental Financing Companies

There are a plethora of dental finance companies out there that offer credit financing for patients. Dental finance companies will often cover most out-of-pocket payments and in some cases, the entire fee.


3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Staff Happy & Productive

Your employees, especially front desk staff, are the face of your practice. They are the first and last people your patients see when visiting your practice. It’s really important that these employees are happy because they will WANT to improve your bottom line by cultivating positive relationships with patients. To put it simply, happy employees… Read more »


The Seven Powerful Secrets of Dental Marketing Success

Dental Marketing landscape is evolving rapidly and it can be hard to catch up on all of these trends. Here is a quick summary of the 7 ways to supercharge your dental marketing success. Secret #1: Word of Mouth ALWAYS Triumphs In the age of Google and Social, Word-of-Mouth still remains as the most powerful… Read more »


A Dentists’ Guide to Google Marketing

For a majority of world’s population, Google is the Internet’s front door. For a long time, Search Engine Optimization and Search Marketing were the only ways to harness the power of Google. Now, it has evolved from merely being a search engine, to an email provider, a review platform, a social network, and more.


How to use the Power of Word-of-Mouth Marketing to Grow your Dental Practice

Word-of-mouth marketing is, perhaps, the the oldest marketing technique out there. It is time-tested and proves that one marketing principle still holds true today – people trust their friends and family when it comes to products or services. If a product or service is recommended to them by someone they trust, they are more likely… Read more »


How to use Facebook Ads to Increase Patient Visits

Facebook has revolutionized the way dental offices can engage their patients and gain new ones. Even though Facebook is affordable and it reaches customers like nothing else, internet marketers often fail to capitalize on this medium. We attribute this to two things:


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