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Top 5 Secrets to Growing Your Dental Practice

Your dental practice’s success depends on growth, both literally and figuratively. Reaching more people and making your services more accessible than ever before is important, but so is keeping up with new technologies and treatments to provide the best possible set of options to every patient. What’s more, adding dental financing like SimplePay helps patients… Read more »


How to Get Dental Patients to Say Yes to Treatment

Perhaps one of the hardest and most important things a dentist can do is to get a patient to say yes to a treatment plan. In fact, 8 out of 10 patients don’t follow through with treatment. Patients have many reasons they may not want to accept a treatment, but regardless of the reason, there… Read more »


3 Simple Ways To Improve Your Dental Hygiene Unit

Dental hygienists are an integral part of any practice, but are often under appreciated for their potential to increase profits for a practice. Many times in a practice the dental hygiene unit is seen as an area of loss. It doesn’t have to be! In fact, the same things that allow dentists to have a… Read more »


Five Ways to Save Time Managing Your Dental Practice Online

Running a dental practice is certainly no easy feat. Not only must you work with patients for eight to 10 hours or more per day, but you must also consider things such as budgeting and marketing. Fortunately, you can save time when managing your dental practice online with five simple tips. These include setting up… Read more »


Branding Your Dental Practice Online: Dos & Don’ts

The internet is a valuable resource when it comes to marketing a product and creating brand recognition, but there are different rules for different industries. After all, not many people truly enjoy going to the dentist, so you need to be creative in your endeavors. You should always do some things, such as letting people… Read more »


How To Use Twitter To Market Your Practice

We’ve shown you how to rock your practice Facebook page and how to use video marketing for your practice, now it’s time to learn how to use Twitter. Twitter is a micro-blogging social media platform. Translation? It means you use it for timely updates (news, announcements etc.) in very few words (140 characters to be… Read more »


9 Ways to Grow Your Practice

While maintaining patient relationships is important, at some point (especially new dentists) you have to grow your practice and get new patients. Of course there are standard ways to do this like basic marketing techniques and having a referral program, but there is even more you can do!


How to Make Your Dental Office Patient Friendly

Your job as a dentist is to provide a service for your patients. That means everything about your practice and office should be patient friendly. That includes everything from the environment to attitude to offering patient payment plans. The following are some simple ways to make sure your office is as patient friendly as possible.


5 Tips for Understanding Expectations of Your Dental Patients

Dental patient expectations can determine whether or not you get repeat business. Meeting or exceeding those expectations can be a moving target as technology, laws, or even culture changes.


How to Use Video Marketing for Your Practice

In 2015, videos have become a digital marketing powerhouse. Video marketing your dental practice is a way to take advantage of this medium’s popularity.


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