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Ultimate Guide to Your Dental Payment Options

In order to increase your patient flow, it is important to make sure that your dental office provides several different payment options. Below, you can discover some of the best choices out there, including SimplePay, and the patients to whom they generally apply. Dental Insurance and Discount Programs In order to appeal to as many… Read more »


5 Effective Communication Ideas to Improve Dental Treatment Plan Acceptance

A dental treatment plan may be as simple as preventative maintenance or as complex as a series of root canals and bridges. In either case, it is important to communicate effectively with your patients in order to help them see the importance of following through. Here are some ideas. 1 – Ask Your Patient How… Read more »


5 Things You Should Do to Increase New Patient Flow in 2016

Your dental practice relies on a constant influx of new clients to stay afloat, so it is important that you always keep this in the back of your mind. Below, you can discover a few tips and tricks for increasing your patient flow into the new year and beyond. 1 – Run On Time When… Read more »


Tried & True Dental Marketing Ideas to Dominate Your Competitors

A dental practice is a lot like any other industry in that you should stand out from your competitors in order to drive business. There are certainly many ways you can do this, and below, you can discover which ones truly make the biggest difference in your marketing campaigns – including adding SimplePay to your… Read more »


3 Steps to Making Your Dental Services More Affordable

When consumers are asked why they do not go to the dentist as often as they should – or even when they really need to see a dentist – they often claim that the services are just too expensive. With dental insurance usually covering about half of the cost of a major procedure, people just… Read more »


Key Investments that Will Add Value to your Dental Practice

Dentistry is constantly changing, which means your dental practice should be continuously evolving if you are to keep attracting new clients. Here are some key investments that will add value to your practice so that drawing new people in will be much easier. Modern Equipment Being able to offer your patients the latest dental procedures… Read more »


7 Low-Cost Ways to Keep your Dental Patients

It’s important to attract new dental patients to your practice, but retaining them is equally as important. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do not only to keep your patients coming back, but increase the odds that they will refer others. #1. Build Relationships Patients are more likely to come back if they… Read more »


How to Show Your Dental Patients You Care

Are you showing your dental patients love? Statistics show that creating a great customer experience from top to bottom will increase your returning patient base. The following are some quick ways that you can improve that relationship with your patients, plus some statistics to back it up.


5 Dental Practice Blog Ideas That Will Get You Leads

Blogging is invaluable to a dental practice. In fact, adding a blog page to your practice website and having as many dental practice blog ideas as possible, not only helps you offer useful content to your patients, but also creates the type of content Google looks for on pages it boosts in a search. On… Read more »


7 Tips to Help Your Dental Patients Overcome Fear of Treatment

One of the biggest downfalls to a successful dental practice is the patient’s fear of treatment. Oftentimes, patients skip cleanings and other preventative maintenance because they feel apprehensive. Sometimes, patients skip treatment because they cannot afford it. Here are some tips for helping your patients overcome this fear, including the fear of being unable to… Read more »


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