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How to Increase Dental Practice Revenue

Dental practices are always walking a fine line between providing the best care possible and ensuring that they have enough cash flow to keep things running smoothly. Patient payment plans are readily available to many clients in need, but they often wind up slowing down the fiscal flexibility of the practice. Here are a few… Read more »


Choosing Smart Technology to Increase Dental Patients’ Loyalty

Maintaining a successful dental office is not as easy as just catering to a patient’s immediate needs. Patients want to have trust that their dentists are on the cutting edge of their practice, in both medical technology and the technology used around the office. From offering flexible dental financing plans to choosing methods that allow… Read more »


5 Tips to Control Stress in Your Dental Office

A dental office can be a stressful environment for both patients and practitioners. Because there is so much focus on an individual’s health, because some patients might come in experiencing pain, and because the office environment is usually very busy, tensions can run high. Luckily, there are many ways that you can reduce the less… Read more »


Planning for Success in Your Dental Practice

Beginning a new dental practice takes a lot of forethought and planning. In order to be successful, you need to have the right instruments, hire the right people, and plan out your dental practice financing options appropriately. Whether you are looking to begin a new practice from scratch or wish to revamp your existing one,… Read more »


3 Fast Ways to Get Money into Your Dental Practice

A dental practice requires a major monetary investment, which means that cash flow needs to be consistent. This is especially true at the beginning of an office’s life, when setup costs and initial fees can create financial issues. But because of the cost of major procedures, patients usually rely on dental financing and dental payment… Read more »


4 Marketing Strategies for Bringing in New Dental Patients

Despite the fact that dentists provide an essential service, finding new patients can sometimes be difficult. Some potential patients are put off by the prospect of having to make dentist payment plans, while others simply neglect their oral care longer than they should. Luckily, there are proven ways to get the word out about your… Read more »


5 Things to Know Before You Buy a Dental Practice

Are you thinking about buying a dental practice? If you’ve done your research, you know this is a big investment. Buying a dental practice for yourself can be very expensive, and you’ll want to make sure you have a solid business plan in place before you make the final purchase. From managing cash flow to… Read more »


5 Tips for Making Financial Conversation Easier in Your Dental Clinic

Discussing dental payment plans and other financial details with patients can be a very difficult subject. At the same time, knowledgeable dentists have options that can enhance patient financing and give them a chance to get the care they need and deserve. This is a fine line to walk, but here are five good ways… Read more »


Increase Dental Treatment Plan Acceptance with Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing is a counseling method used by successful dentists to help patients understand the reasons for changes in their treatment. By using this method, dentists get patients more invested in their treatments plans and increase the likelihood that they will commit to the changes needed. Using motivational interviewing can benefit both the dental provider… Read more »


Alternative Ways to Pay for Dental Care

Dental care is very important if you want to have a healthy smile and avoid long-term health hazards such as the various kinds of oral cancer. Paying for that care can be a major problem, though, especially if your insurance doesn’t cover a specific procedure. Luckily, there are several different options for you to choose… Read more »


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