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Make Sure You Don’t Undercharge: A Simple Formula To Set Your Dental Procedures Cost

Determining the cost to charge patients for dental procedures can be a challenging process because there is so much variance from state to state and from office to office. Luckily, there are certain ways that you can calculate your actual dental costs and then set your prices in a manner that is fair to customers… Read more »


5 Ways Your Dental Practice can Benefit from Back-to-School Season

As the back to school season beckons and millions of parents prepare their children for school, it is important that you prepare your office and marketing department to tap into the retail market boom that happens around this season. New supplies and checkups are all in the minds of parents, position your business to find… Read more »


5 Tips to Fix Holes in Dental Hygiene Schedule

  One of the biggest challenge that compromises the profitability of many dentistry practices in the country is the downtime in hygiene schedule. Despite the recent increase in the use of modern communication methods such as automated email software and text messages, there are still an increasing number holes that mess up the hygienist schedule…. Read more »


5 Steps to Get Your Dental Practice Debt under Control

Many dentists are experiencing a significant increase in practice debts, largely due to the fact that more people than ever are unemployed or simply cannot afford to purchase dental insurance. If you are a dentist who is struggling with high amounts of practice-related debt, the tips below could help you get it under control and… Read more »


7 Features of a High Performance Dental Website

As a dentist, you will want to ensure that your patients are easily able to find information about you and your practice online – preferably by means of your dedicated website. Below are 7 crucial elements that need to be incorporated into your dental website. 1. Clear Navigation Your dental website should be as easy as… Read more »


Ways to Stop Putting Off your Dental Treatment and Afford Dental Care Today

Do you need to have dental treatment performed, but have been putting it off for longer than you care to admit? When questioned about why they delay treatment, most people state that they simply cannot afford the high cost of having dental work done – along with being afraid of the dentist, of course! Below is… Read more »


How to Increase Patient Acceptance with a Dental Imaging System

Nowadays, dentists are able to perform a fantastic range of procedures – many of which were unheard of a decade or so ago. Imaging technology has advanced to the point where it is now possible for dentists to show their patients how they will look after having their dental work done – before doing anything. Below… Read more »


How to Increase Your Dental Practice Productivity with New Scheduling System

Dental services can be improved with the dynamic new scheduling system SimplePay that helps dental practices offer better scheduling of appointments and payment schemes for patients. This system guarantees accurate and prompt payments for all dental treatments rendered. Benefits of Scheduling System The SimplePay scheduling system works to benefit all dental practices in many ways…. Read more »


Proven Tactics to Reduce Dental Treatment Cancellations in Your Practice

Many reasons prevail in the cancellation of a dental treatment appointment which is a bane to the dentist and the dental practice. The professional service scheduling is thrown off for the day with less revenue especially with impromptu dental cancellations. This situation is worsened when the patient does not show up for the scheduled appointment… Read more »


Take Your Dental Practice to the Next Level with these Innovations

There’s no doubt about it we are living in an amazing age of technology that changes with mind-boggling speed, and any industry hoping to survive without staying up on the very latest has a slim-to-nothing chance. There’s so much high-tech empowerment to be found among the latest dental devices and tools, that they will be… Read more »


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