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How Online Reviews Affect Business

Reputation is everything. You may have heard this phrase used before and for a word-of-mouth industry like dentistry it’s even more true. That’s why it is essential that you take control of your online reviews. Online reviews affect business. It’s that simple. Why do we say take control? That’s because whether or not you are… Read more »


3 Simple Ways to Rock Your Practice Facebook Page

More and more dental practices are adopting Facebook as a marketing tool for their practices. Why? Because it works. Facebook is like word of mouth on steroids. In fact, there are more than 1.5 billion people using Facebook around the world, 700 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each month, and 2.5 billion websites are… Read more »


Why Dental Insurance is Really a Pre-Pay Plan

The benefits of dental insurance are clear. You pay a monthly fee and you get dental care when you need it. Or do you? Actually, dental insurance ends up covering very little. You often still have to pay out-of-pocket and most plans cap out at only $1500 of care. Insurance plans often offer “100-80-50” coverage,… Read more »


Why is Dental Care the “Odd Man Out?”

Dental care is the odd man out when it comes to health care. Insurance is separate, care is separate, and there is virtually no system for communication between dentists and primary care doctors. You may think, “This is just the way it is”, because you are used to it. But, it’s a problem. Why? Let’s… Read more »


Give Your Referral Program a Jolt With Gamification

As a dentist, you know the importance of referrals. You have likely tracked just how much business you’ve received from by word of mouth over the years. You know how successful it is and maybe you wish you could get even more from it. Rather than spreading yourself thin on other marketing tactics, you can… Read more »


Dental Financing Myths Simply Debunked

There are numerous dental financing companies out there and they all claim to offer great things for their dentists and patients. We’re here to show you how many of the financing myths out there are simply not true!


How to Use Patient Testimonials to Skyrocket Your Practice

As a dentist, you know that value of word-of-mouth marketing for your business. You’ve probably said to a happy patient “Tell someone about us!” Why? Because it works. Testimonials are just another side to that coin except


5 Assumptions You Are Making That Could Hurt Business

Every time a patient comes into your office, you are making assumptions about them. You are not being biased or unfair. Your experience has simply taught you that patients will respond a certain way most of the time. The problem is, they aren’t going to respond that way 100 percent of the time, so your assumptions… Read more »


A Simply Bright Dental Industry Outlook [INFOGRAPHIC]

You can feel it. The dental industry is about to go through some major changes, and fast. From a huge increase in the number of jobs to the time it takes to make implants and jawbones, it’s an age any dentist can be excited to see. We put together an infographic that


Dentistry Marketing Trends 2015: Mobile is King [INFOGRAPHIC]

Marketing trends are changing so fast it’s hard to know what strategy your dental practice should embrace. Well, we’re hoping to save you some time, by letting you know to skip some trends and go straight to mobile. That’s right, in 2015, you should have a “mobile first” marketing strategy.


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