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How to Increase Dental Practice Revenue

How to Increase Dental Practice Revenue - Infographic

Dental practices are always walking a fine line between providing the best care possible and ensuring that they have enough cash flow to keep things running smoothly. Patient payment plans are readily available to many clients in need, but they often wind up slowing down the fiscal flexibility of the practice. Here are a few ways that you can make those old worries a thing of the past and get money into your practice while also helping your patients.

Appeal to Emotion

You can explain all the facts about why a patient needs a particular treatment, but it won’t do any good unless you have them emotionally invested in maintaining their smile. Many patients know intellectually what they need to have done, but they are hesitant to go through with full treatment if they have a fear of the dentist or simply worry too much about cost. If you appeal to patients on an emotional level and explain to them passionately about how treatment can improve their immediate lives, you are more likely to get them on board. This leads to better results for the patient and also gets money into your practice, since they are now working with you rather than resisting helpful treatments.

Break Down Financial Barriers

Medical financing companies are not always the greatest of helps when it comes to making sure that your patients get the treatment they need. Many of them run credit checks and force high interest rates on patients who have a shaky history. Often, the patient will opt not to receive treatment rather than go through the annoying process of seeking financing. If you can offer dental financing plans that work well for any patient, you can eliminate this barrier. Ajeva.com is one such option, as it offers a chance for any patient, regardless of credit, to seek 0% financing with no credit check. This gets money into your business immediately and keeps less efficient payment plans to a minimum.

Stay in Touch with Patients

It’s easier to engage existing patients than to create new ones. At the same time, existing patients can become lapsed patients very easily. First they stop making appointments for procedures outside of teeth cleaning and checkups, and then they start to drift toward other practices or, even worse, they stop going to the dentist at all. You can reduce these problems and keep revenue in your practice by reaching out to patients now and then. Remind them of their upcoming appointments well in advance to ensure that there is less of a chance that an appointment gets forgotten. Send birthday cards and other occasional greetings. If you stay in touch with patients, you will keep them active in your practice.

The secret to increasing revenue in your practice is to develop strong communication lines with your existing and potential patients. If you can do this and also make sure that you offer strong dental financing solutions, you will find your practice thriving with the revenue you need.