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How to Use Patient Testimonials to Skyrocket Your Practice

As a dentist, you know that value of word-of-mouth marketing for your business. You’ve probably said to a happy patient “Tell someone about us!” Why? Because it works. Testimonials are just another side to that coin except you gather and control the message. Testimonials are perhaps the most powerful marketing tool you can use to get more patients! The following explains the types of testimonials you can collect, how to ask for them, and how to use them.

Types of Testimonials

Believe it or not, there are several types of testimonials that you can use to build your business. Try to collect all of them for use on different platforms.

  • Written – This is as easy as it sounds. A written testimonial is simply your patient’s experience on paper. If they’ve ever written you a letter or an email saying how happy they are, that will work. You just need to make sure to get their permission to use it first.
  • Video – You can record a quick video right there in the office of them saying why they love your practice. This is a powerful and quick way to get a solid testimonial.
  • Picture – Using a picture of a happy patient with a one-sentence reason they love you is a great way to spread the word about your practice. Or you could simply have them hold up a picture that says “I love me dentist!”

How to Collect Testimonials

Collecting testimonials may seem like the most daunting part, but it’s actually the easiest step. You’d be surprised how excited patients are to share their experience. Some may say no, but it’s important to not let that get you down or make you stop asking.

  • Ask! We’re serious. All you need to do is ask your patients when they come in. Some will say no, but many will say yes. Many will feel comfortable with one type of testimonials if not another. Simply have your front desk staff ready with a release form and the question and you’ll have tons of testimonials in no time!
  • Have them sign a release – For photo and video, it is especially important for them to sign a release. This protects you and gives you permission to use it in whatever format you want.
  • Send out an email – When you send a follow up email or an email newsletter, simply say you are looking for testimonials. Mention that you’re collecting them in several formats and they can submit whatever they are comfortable with.
  • Post on social media – Ask if anyone would be willing to submit via social media. Have them post directly to your Facebook page with a picture and a comment or have them tag you via Twitter.

How to Use Testimonials

You may have already guessed that there are several ways to use testimonials, and that’s true! Here are the ways you can use them to spread the word and to gain business:

  • Post on your website – Use the testimonials on your front page. Nothing will convince a potential customer who stumbles across your site better than a testimonial quote, picture, or video.
  • Feature in a newsletter – If you send a newsletter out to your patients, feature a different testimonial every time. It will reinforce with your patients why they come to see you, which will help with patient retention.
  • Use in your email signature – You’ve probably seen people with quotes below their contact information in their email signature. You could do that too! It’s a great, automated way to feature what happy customers are saying about you.
  • Post to social media – If you take a picture in the office of a happy cavity-free customer, post it to social media! You can have them hold up a sign that says “I’m cavity free,” or “My dentist is the best!” Patients can also submit reviews of your business via Facebook, Yelp or other review sites.

Did we miss your favorite way to use testimonials? Let us know in the comments! At SimplePay we want our clients to be successful. We get excited to help them to be able to give patients the treatment they need. Let us know if we can write about any topic that would make that easier on you.