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How to Qualify for Dental Loans with Bad Credit?


Dental work is often expensive but necessary if you want a healthy mouth and a clear smile. Unfortunately, few modern health insurance policies carry true dental coverage, which leaves people who don’t have a separate insurance pool for dental work out in the cold. If you have bad credit, it becomes even harder to find the money to pay for your necessary services. Fortunately, Ajeva exists to provide options for dental payment plans to people with credit issues.

What is Ajeva?

Ajeva is a dental loan program that allows you to pay for expensive work in easy monthly installments. You can apply for the program in a matter of minutes and receive approval almost instantly. Interest rates remain reasonable, allowing you to pay back a large dental bill in a series of small payments. If you have no existing credit or a history of bad credit, you can still apply to Ajeva without fear of being turned down. On average, at least three quarters of the people who apply get approved, regardless of their past credit history.

Funding for People with Bad Credit

The secret to Ajeva’s ability to provide dental loans to people with poor credit histories lies in the way credit scores work. Your credit score is determined by aggregate reports from three major credit reporting agencies. Each of those agencies assigns you a score based on several factors, including your credit to debt ratio, the number of inquiries on your credit report, and the number of missed or late payments. This ignores a lot of context that Ajeva takes into account. By looking at your credit history holistically, Ajeva can better determine the risk. For example, if you have several missed payments but have taken steps to fix your bad debts, you might still qualify for an Ajeva loan.

Application and Approval

The waiting period to receive a loan does a lot to chase people away from pursuing payment plans that might work for them. With Ajeva, you can apply in under five minutes and get approved in just a few seconds. This takes a lot of the guesswork away from the application process, as you can get a yes or no decision in a matter of moments. You can even apply in your dentist’s office while you are waiting for the assistant to prepare a quote for your service!

Boosting your Credit

If you have a bad credit score, getting a dental loan can help you fix your problem. First, the loan shows up on your credit history. This means that you were approved for credit by a lender, which increases your score slightly. Second, every payment you make shows up as a positive mark on your overall credit history. Considering that most loans are typically repaid within a 12 to 18 month window, that means that you can see a marked improvement in your score in a little over a year as long as you make your payments on time. With reasonable interest rates and affordable monthly payments, Ajeva is not only available to those with bad credit, but offers a good option to help fix a struggling credit score.

If you have bad credit but need to get expensive dental work that you aren’t sure you can afford, you should talk to your dental office about the possibility of a loan. A program like Ajeva exists specifically for people just like you and can help make an expensive dental bill feel more reasonable. There’s no reason why your credit score should hurt your overall dental health, and Ajeva exists as a way to help make sure you get the care you need.