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How to Get Dental Patients to Say Yes to Treatment

Perhaps one of the hardest and most important things a dentist can do is to get a patient to say yes to a treatment plan. In fact, 8 out of 10 patients don’t follow through with treatment. Patients have many reasons they may not want to accept a treatment, but regardless of the reason, there are ways for a dentist or their staff to overcome them. In this blog we’ll go over three ways that you can use to get patients to say “yes” to the treatment they need – scheduling, informing, and financing.


Believe it or not, simply getting them to schedule their next visit or two encourages them to go through with their treatment plan. Here are some ways you can get them to schedule:

  • Schedule their next cleaning – Since cleanings are covered by insurance, most patients will say yes to this without any hassle. Once they’ve said yes to that, they are more likely to agree to you scheduling the next part of their treatment plan. This is called the “foot-in-the-door” technique.
  • Clarify the immediacy of their need – Patients don’t always understand the importance of getting a treatment done sooner rather than later. Emphasizing that a treatment be taken care of soon will help you get them scheduled.


When it comes to getting patients to accept treatment the more information the better. You don’t want to overwhelm them, but there are a few ways you can make sure they know the importance of getting the treatment you are recommending:

  • Get them involved – Show them with your intraoral camera the effected areas. Ask them questions like “Do you see this?” and “Does this bother you?” Getting them to answer means they can’t ignore the problem.
  • Give them options – Patients often feel backed into a corner, so giving them options will make it feel more like it is their decision. This means they’ll be more likely to show up when it’s time for their appointment.
  • Let them know how it will be if untreated – Many patients think they don’t need the treatment, but if you appeal to them on an emotional level they often change their mind. Bring up the potential cosmetic, pain, and overall health issues they can have if they don’t get the treatment they need. Plus, in the long run it will cost them less if treated sooner!


One of the biggest and perhaps easiest to overcome hurdles for patients is the financial aspect of treatment. Nearly 40% of patients don’t have dental insurance, which means they have to pay for it some other way. Offering patient financing options will increase their chances of accepting. Aspects of financing that will encourage patients to accept treatment include:

  • Zero percent interest – If patients know they can have a payment plan and only have to pay what the procedure costs, they are more likely to say yes.
  • No credit checks – You don’t have to worry that patients won’t be approved and patients can know they’ll get the dental financing they need to complete your treatment plan.
  • A credit company that works with patients – Companies like SimplePay treat patients like humans and work with them to make sure they can make their payments. Either way, SimplePay guarantees payments to dentists, so they can you can offer dental treatment financing without worrying that you’ll get paid.

At SimplePay, we care about our patients and dental clients. If you have any questions about how to get a patient to say yes or dental patient financing, contact us!