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Dental Financing Options and Procedures

How can you make sure that your patients get the dental treatment they need without getting scared away by the price? For customers with potential credit issues or a tight financial budget, dental finance options are the best way to make sure that everybody walks away happy and with the treatment they deserve. Finance choices like Ajeva provide fast approval, easy monthly payments, and affordable interest rates to engage customers while also making sure that your office gets paid for its hard work.

The Facts about Dental Financing

Based on estimates, approximately 60% of potential patients walk out the door without getting an important procedure done because they don’t believe they can afford proper treatment. The up-front cost of dental work is the driving factor in most of these cases, but sometimes patients balk at the possibility of financing because they don’t know if they have good enough credit. Typical loans examine a patient’s credit score and little else, which means that somebody with a poor credit history might avoid applying out of fear of embarrassment.

What Ajeva Does for Patients

From the patient perspective, Ajeva offers an affordable financing option that is not only available to those with poor credit histories but can actually help improve credit scores. Ajeva takes a holistic look at a patient’s credit history, going beyond the three-digit credit score number and examining things in context. The interest rates are much lower than typical credit cards, and approval is faster than most other loans. This allows patients to make a decision on their treatment quickly and know how they are going to pay for it.

What Ajeva Does for Providers

From the provider’s perspective, a dental loan through Ajeva means more approvals for credit, which enables patients to move forward with the treatments you suggest. This results in better care and more recurring patients, which in turn provides more revenue to the practice. As a provider, you should make sure that your dental office is enrolled in Ajeva to help make things easier for your patients. You should also make sure to have some basic information about common payment lengths and interest rates. This allows you to show not only the total price for a procedure, but also a breakdown of how much it costs per month. The more informed your patients are, the more likely they are to make decisions that benefit both themselves and your practice.

Dental Loans versus Other Financing Options

A dental loan is just one of many financing options for an expensive procedure, but it is typically the best. Some patients consider putting an expensive payment on a credit card, but even a low-interest credit card has rates that far exceed a typical loan. Health care credit cards are another option, as they provide an introductory period of 0% interest. However, that introductory rate is actually just a suspension of interest for a few months. If the patient fails to pay the balance in full before the introductory period ends, all the interest hits the account at once. Dental loan plans like Ajeva provide an easy way to pay at a reasonable rate without unexpected interest hikes or other unpleasant surprises.

Enrolling in Ajeva is easy, and you can present it as a patient option right away. Offering your patients a dental loan provides them with an affordable way to pay for expensive treatment while also avoiding potential stress or embarrassment due to a poor credit history. In fact, as long as they pay off the loan on time, their credit score will climb through the use of the loan. There are very few financing options that provide these benefits to both patient and provider.