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Dental Financing Myths Simply Debunked

There are numerous dental financing companies out there and they all claim to offer great things for their dentists and patients. We’re here to show you how many of the financing myths out there are simply not true!

Myth #1 – There is no truly no-interest financing

You’ve heard it before. When companies offer no-interest financing, they find ways to charge you fees and charge other penalties left and right. There are hidden fees and fine print and you just never know exactly what you’ll owe.

Fact: With SimplePay that is simply not true! We’re able to offer no-interest financing because we charge a flat rate for patients to enroll and a $4 transaction fee for every payment made. From doctors we take a 10% from each payment made. That’s it! No fine print. It’s that simple.

Myth #2 – There is no truly non-recourse company

Patients who need dental treatment are often the ones that need financing the most. Many of them have had awful experiences with financing in the past and are hesitant to even try getting financing again. Even when a company says it’s “non-recourse” they are still afraid that the lender will harass them and go after their other assets.

Fact: With SimplePay, non-recourse means we will NEVER go after a patient’s other assets. If for some reason a patient isn’t able to make payments, we will work with them on a way to settle the account. Patients can get the dental treatment they need, worry free.

Myth #3 – No financing company guarantees payments

Dentists lose thousands of dollars every year due to the lack of accessible financing options. Even if there is financing available, they lose money because patients don’t make payments to the lender.

Fact: SimplePay guarantees payments to dentists. Even if patients don’t pay us right away, our dental clients get paid every month for every patient. No wait, no wondering. Dentists simply get paid. We cover the risk.

Your return on investment by using SimplePay?

SimplePay debunks all of these myths and gives you a return on investment (ROI) that can’t be beat. With SimplePay Dental Financing you:

  1. Are guaranteed payments – No more waiting or wondering if you’ll get paid, saving you time and money.
    2. Get more patients saying yes to treatments – This means you’ll have more patients and profit.
    3. Have happier patients – Patients get the care they need and we work with them to ensure their payment is reasonable, plus they pay no interest!
    4. Receive more referrals – Happy patients refer other patients to you.

Not only are these myths debunked, but with SimplePay dentists have a real way to get more treatment plans fulfilled with a clear return on investment. Patients can have piece of mind that they can get the care they need without fear of a negative lender relationship.

We love our patients and our dentists. We show it by answer tough questions and giving tips that will help patients make the right decisions and dentists run their practices. Let us know if we can post about anything that would help you!