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How Can You Get Financing for Dental Procedures?

Dental procedures cost a lot of money, and many types of insurance only cover a portion of the total expense. Luckily, this doesn’t mean that you have to go without critical dental care just because you’re low on money. Dental payment plans and dental financing options can help you pay for even the most costly procedure without breaking your budget. Many options exist to enhance patient financing and give you the leg up you need.

Healthcare Credit Cards

Certain credit card options exist for those who have an income need that can provide an easy option for patient payment plans. Medical financing companies that offer these plans often provide a grace period where interest does not apply. That means that if you can pay your balance off in full during this no interest payment, usually 12 or 18 months, you don’t have to pay an extra cent. You do need to be careful when dealing with this options, however. If you can’t pay off the card balance in full during the no interest period, all the interest gets applied at once. This can put somebody who is having financial difficulties in an even deeper hole.

Dental Loans

Like healthcare credit cards, dental loans provide you with dental financing plans that offer a low interest rate and can be affordable for at least a short while. Dental loans function like virtually any other kind of loan, in which the lender controls the term and interest rates. Such loans are best suited to those who have strong credit and who expect that they can make all the payments in a timely manner. People who are getting bracelets, implants, or another costly procedure that their insurance doesn’t completely cover can benefit from breaking the payment into smaller chunks. However, those who have poor credit or no credit history can find themselves stuck with poor terms and high rates.

No Credit Check Financing

Some companies, such as Ajeva.com, offer no credit check financing options that combine the best of both worlds. These financing plans work very similarly to a loan or credit card, but they do not require a thorough check of your credit up front. This is particularly beneficial to people in financial need, as it means that a few past mistakes don’t prevent you from getting the care you need right now. These dental financing options also provide a 0% interest period that allows you to avoid paying high fees right from the start. The best plans also require no down payment. This allows you to start saving right away and make sure that you stay ahead of your payment due dates.

When determining what dental financing options are right for you, it is best to look at your specific needs and credit history. Can you afford to make a down payment? Do you expect to have your entire bill paid one year from now? Do you have a strong credit history? If you think you might have any trouble with credit cards or loans, targeting a no credit check financing option is a very good idea.