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7 Key Features That You Get With Ajeva Dental Financing

Your dentist recommends a procedure. The only problem is that you don’t have dental insurance and there’s not enough money on hand to pay for the entire procedure. What will you do? It’s time to check into options for dental financing and find one that allows you to pay for the procedure in installments. You’ll find that Ajeva is a solution that offers you seven important features.

The Applicant’s Qualifications

What sort of qualifications do you have to meet in order to be approved? Many lenders who offer dental payment plans require that applicants earn a minimum amount of income. With Ajeva, that figure may be lower than you would expect.

Some lenders will check one or more of your credit reports. They focus on your score and don’t look much beyond that. Ajeva takes a more holistic approach. If you had some issues in the past and have moved past, them, there’s a good chance you will still qualify for financing.

If you don’t have the best credit score right now, don’t assume that automatically excludes you from receiving dental financing. Ajeva is one of the lenders out there who will work with you and your dentist.

Reviewing Your Application

There are lenders of dentist payment plans who can provide a response in less than a half-hour. Others may need a day or two. One of the great things about Ajeva is that you can fill out an application in a matter of minutes and have a response in an even shorter amount of time. If the answer is yes, you and your dentist can decide whether to start immediately or if you want to schedule the procedure for a little later.

The Interest Rate

Pay close attention to the rate of interest that comes with the offer for dental financing. You can expect it to be a little above average, but compare it to similar plans. What you may find is that one of the plans accepted by your dentist offers a slightly better rate. Depending on how long you plan on financing the balance, that tiny difference could add up to a tidy sum.

You’ll find that Ajeva offers one of the most competitive rates among all the medical lending providers operating today. There are no hidden fees and no surprises later on. When you are approved, you’ll know the interest rate, how it’s applied, and what you will end up paying over the life of the loan, assuming you make your payments on time.

The Amount You Have to Pay Up Front

Most solutions for dental financing require that applicants provide some sort of down payment for the total cost of the procedure. It may be a flat amount based on the type of procedure, or it could be a percentage of the total amount you want to borrow. With Ajeva, you’ll know the amount (15%) you need to pay your dentist on the front end. Once that’s done, the remainder of the obligation is paid using a series of installment payments. Think of that up front payment as one way to keep the overall expense of dental financing a little more affordable for you.

The Repayment Schedule

What sort of schedule do you have for repaying the debt? Do you have a minimum payment that must be made every month? Can you pay more than that amount if you like? Perhaps the debt is divided into a series of fixed payments that must be settled over the next 12-36 months. If that’s the case, can you work that fixed payment into your monthly budget with relative ease?

Ajeva is interested in making sure you get the dental care that’s needed. You’ll find that our options for dental repayment plans are designed to make the process easier for you. We’re happy to answer questions about how the schedule is set up, when the payments are due, and how you can go about ensuring the payments are made on time every time. Once you are clear on how the schedule works, completing the funding will not be difficult at all.

Your Options for Remitting Payments

What options does the lender offer for repaying the debt? Most do have a remittance address you can use to send a check or money order via post. The option to set up automatic drafts from a bank account is sometimes provided. Others offer online payment options as well, allowing you to log into a secure site and pay using your checking account, debit card, or a credit card.

At Ajeva, we are happy to offer more than one way for you to make your payments. Our goal is to identify which of these options would work best for you. Choosing to remit payments via our secure site is one of our most popular options today. This is because you get to verify the payment is received and the application to your account balance is pending.

Tools for Monitoring Your Account Status

Ajeva provides the ability to create login credentials and access information about your account any time you like. Remit payments, watch as they are received, and know when each payment is applied to your balance. Make payments any time of the day or night and monitor the progress. You’ll always know how your account and payment status, including the current outstanding balance.

Don’t assume you’re not a candidate for dental financing. Even if you’ve had credit issues or don’t make a lot of money, Ajeva has options that are worth exploring. Talk to your dentist today about Ajeva. It won’t take long to make arrangements for the dental clinic to receive funding, evaluate your application, and be well on the way to having the procedure that you need.