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5 Ways to Stay in Touch with Your Dental Patients

Finding reliable dental patients is important, but keeping them is even more essential. Once you establish your patient base, you need to do your best to keep in touch with them. Ideally, you should use dental payment plans and other features to make sure that your patients want to come back to you time and time again. If you are unsure of where to start in terms of keeping in touch with your patients, consider the tips below.

1: Establish a Strong Online Presence

Your patients may only sit in your office chairs a couple days out of the year, but they are on the Internet virtually every day, sometimes for hours at a time. If you keep your website and social media channels active and updated, you will be able to keep your patients engaged. Whenever you have new dental finance options or similar special offers, make sure to communicate that with them through your online channels.

2: Provide Great Financing Options

If you enhance patient financing, you will give your patients a strong monetary reason to keep them engaged and interested in your practice. You can also advertise patient payment plans and similar options as a way of increasing overall interest among a potentially new customer base. Even patients who don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their dental health know that saving money is essential. If you can offer something that medical financing companies don’t generally provide, patients will always pay attention to news about your practice, if only to take advantage of the dental financing plans you offer.

3: Provide Frequent Follow-Up

If you want your patients to care about what you offer them, you need to make sure that you show them you care as well. This means taking the time to reach out to them in traditional ways, such as by snail mail and telephone. A thank you card for an appointment can go a long way. A telephone call to follow up after a procedure can provide similar advantages and can also help you determine if additional work needs to be done.

4: Hold Events

Once or twice a year, you can hold special events to bring people into your office space. This allows you to show your fun side and to get to know your patients. An open house or a patient appreciation day can do wonders. Since you control the catering, you can even use this as an opportunity to subtly reinforce good dental habits by avoiding high-sugar foods and treats that might cause dental problems down the road.

5: Get Involved in Your Community

If you want your community to take your practice seriously, it’s time to get involved. This means sponsoring local events, participating in special occasions, and providing free giveaways. Whether you are new to your area or an established presence, your patients will be more receptive to your practice if they see you actively taking a role in community involvement throughout the year.

The tips above can help make sure that your patients see you as more than just a place to go for annual checkups. The more you engage with your customers, the better your relationship with them will be.