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5 Ways Your Dental Practice can Benefit from Back-to-School Season

Dental Practice can Benefit from Back-to-School Season - Infographic

As the back to school season beckons and millions of parents prepare their children for school, it is important that you prepare your office and marketing department to tap into the retail market boom that happens around this season. New supplies and checkups are all in the minds of parents, position your business to find its way to the top of that list. Here are some ways in which your dental practice can benefit from the back to school season

1. Scheduling

Many families will bring their children just a few days before the school starts, make sure your staff knows the exact opening days of schools since different school districts have different opening days. By proactively anticipating which day each of your patients will be going back to school, you will be able to enjoy several benefits such as optimizing office efficiency, facilitating scheduling, staffing and building your community reputation.

Having school dates as part of a patients Meta data will help your business personalize its marketing strategies to each individual and will build the community relationships with your clients. By incorporating community dates in your business, you will become part of the community in a natural way.

2. Back to School Offerings

As you endeavor to meet your patients’ needs, have a loyalty program that will get them to your office. You can use direct mailing campaign that targets demographics that have school going children. Start you campaign a few weeks before the school starts to give your patients sufficient time to get to your office. Specific promotions and loyalty programs will play well with the excitement and the hustle and bustle of the back to school season.

3. Fully Staffed

Now that you have the promotions, and all the dates figured out prepare your staff to handle the increase in child patients. Make sure your practice is well equipped with the correct resources and tools that are age appropriate. When your staff is empowered, your customers will have a better experience and overall satisfaction.

4. Diversify Your Payment Methods

To be competitive, ensure your business does not fall behind in the latest technologies that are revolutionizing the point of sale. This will help meet the expectations of your patients and put your business on the cutting edge. The current payment methods that you need to pay attention to are EMV chip card and NFC-based mobile payments. There are payment terminals that are designed to accept multiple payment methods so that you are future-proof. All these will prepare you when the back to school crowd hits your dental practice.

5. Understand Today’s Product Discovery Process

Many shoppers today do their homework online before heading to any business establishment. It is, therefore, important to have a glowing online presence that will capture the attention of potential clients.

As many parents prepare their children for back-to-school, so should you. Dentists play an important role during this season, and it is important that you control all the marketing variables so that you can help as many patients as possible.