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5 Important Reasons to Secure Your Dental Practice Website

Your dental practice website is one of the most powerful and important marketing tools you can have at your disposal. It’s not enough just to have a website, however. You need to make sure that your website is both functional and, above all else, secure. The site needs to be an extension of your practice – if your patients can’t trust the website, they can’t trust your office. There are important reasons why you should secure your practice webpage to protect your patients.

1: Your Office Deals in Financial Information

Patients set up dental payment plans, provide medical histories, and offer additional personal information to your office. While not all of this information flows through a website, a great deal of it can. If you offer online consultations or appointment requests, then patients offer information about themselves to your website. This means that a malicious third party can use an insecure site to mine data and get information about your patients’ dental finance preferences, vital statistics, and more.

2: Dental Practices are Frequently Targeted

Dental practices have a reputation for poor website security. This is because many practices allocate few resources to their website or simply don’t understand the importance of effective cybersecurity. Because of this reputation, hackers and other malicious actors specifically target dental websites when installing malware and other programs that can gain them access to people’s secure information. By providing good security, you stop many of these hackers in their tracks.

3: You Can Earn Your Patients’ Trust

Not all patients know a lot about cybersecurity, but a growing number of people are learning about the importance of a private, secure connection. Modern web browsers show a website’s security status in the address bar, and additional information can be learned through the click of a button. If your website shows up as secure, your patients will immediately respect your practice more and place more trust in what you are doing.

4: Legal Protection

If you do not have a secure website and get hacked, you can be legally liable for any damages done to customers who provided information through the unsecured connection. On the flip side of this issue, a website that has proper, up-to-date security protocols allows protection from liability for the practice. Just as you would be in trouble if you left confidential patient information out for anybody to see, you can be in trouble if you don’t secure your patients’ online data.

5: Provide Better Patient Financing

Once you have a secure website and a good payment platform, you can use it to make your patients’ lives easier by offering ways that can enhance patient financing. This could include ways in which to set up patient payment plans, or it could provide access to medical financing companies such as Ajeva.com, which offers very flexible financing to all patients. Offering online access to dental financing plans makes life easier for both you and your patients.

For all the reasons listed above, it is imperative that you take care of your website security and take the issue seriously. You owe it to both your practice and your patients to use the best security measures possible.