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5 Important Facts You Should Know About Patient Treatment Financing

While the Canada Health Act of 1984 ensures that citizens have access to medical services that that are considered to be essential, the range of care for dental issues is limited. In fact, only surgical dental procedures that meet certain criteria are covered. That means more routine care like filling cavities must be paid out of pocket or covered by private dental insurance.

Those without private dental coverage should turn to Ajeva patient treatment financing company when they need procedures that are not covered under the terms of provincial health coverage. Here are some essentials you should know about patient treatment financing and what it can do for you.

Financing Allows You to Have the Procedure Now

Did you know that according to a 2017 CBC report that only 32% of Canadians have private dental insurance? What happens to those who can’t afford the coverage? You can bet that if paying premiums on a dental plan are difficult, there’s not likely to be money on hand for routine dental care or even some type of procedure that is not covered by the provincial health plan.

If you do have access to the right type of patient treatment financing, it is possible to have the routine care needed to protect your dental health. Instead of dealing with pain and possibly worse while you save the money to have some sort of work done, it can be completed now. That relief alone makes finding the right plan worth the effort.

You’re Less Likely to Miss Work

Overall, the country loses around four million work days per year because of untreated dental issues. That’s certainly not good for the country, but it also has a detrimental impact on your financial state. Employees who work hourly jobs and are not in a position to take sick days because of dental pain simply lose that much income. Think of what corners you will have to cut because the pain was so severe that you had to be out of work for three or four days.

There are patient financing companies out there who can provide the funds needed in a matter of days. That allows you to correct the dental issue and get back to work sooner rather than later.

A Lot of School Days Are Missed Too

It’s not just about missing time at work. Did you know that an average of two million school days are also lost annually due to dental health issues? Think of how difficult it is to catch up after being out of school for several days. In some ways, the opportunity to learn by participating in class discussions is lost forever. With proper patient treatment financing, the issue does not have to escalate to the point of missing more than an afternoon of school time. In the long run, that’s a good thing for any student.

Then There’s the Impact On Your General Health

There’s no such thing as an isolated medical or dental issue. Any health problem has the potential to trigger other issues elsewhere in the body. Did you know that bacteria and inflammation generated by a dental issue could lead to cardiovascular issues, or impact the strength of your immune system? The longer that you wait to have the work done means an increase in the potential for developing some other type of health problem.

Choosing the right type of patient treatment financing allows you to resolve the issue before it can begin to adversely affect the rest of the body. Think of it as a form of preventive care. Eliminate the source and you are less likely to develop all sorts of ailments.

Treatment Now Helps You Be More Productive

Have you ever tried to concentrate on work tasks when you didn’t feel well? If so, you know how a task that normally takes only a few minutes could end up requiring a half-hour. By the end of the day, you have quite a few tasks left undone. That’s not good for you or for your employer.

By taking advantage of the programs offered by different patient financing companies, you are able to get the care needed and regain your efficiency. The fact that you aren’t dealing with pain means one less distraction and a greater capacity to focus and concentrate. When you see your desk clear at the end of the day, it’s easy to see why the financing was such a smart move.

If you are in need of dental care or any other type of care not covered by provincial health coverage, now is the time to learn more about patient treatment financing. While not all patient financing companies are alike, there is bound to be one that’s a good fit for you.