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4 Marketing Strategies for Bringing in New Dental Patients

Infographic - 4 Marketing Strategies for Bringing in New Dental Patients

Despite the fact that dentists provide an essential service, finding new patients can sometimes be difficult. Some potential patients are put off by the prospect of having to make dentist payment plans, while others simply neglect their oral care longer than they should. Luckily, there are proven ways to get the word out about your practice. Here are four marketing strategies that help to bring in new dental patients.

1: Postcards and Flyers

Sending postcards, flyers, or door hangers to select houses in your service area is a method known as repetition marketing. The cost is relatively low, and if you keep doing it for several months at a time, you will get a good return on your investment. The strategy behind this marketing style is to highlight your practice and what you have to offer, including ways that your office can enhance patient financing. By putting your key selling points out there, you are more likely to get new customers when one of them needs a dentist.

2: Facebook Advertising

The majority of potential patients out there use Facebook on a regular basis, and the social media network’s targeted advertising is quite cost-effective, especially for smaller service areas. Having a bright, attractive graphic or photo is essential for Facebook advertising, and highlighting key points about your office, including dental practice financing for those who need it, helps to draw attention. This method is also most likely to reach people who are actively looking for a new dentist or who are doing searches for things like dental payment plans, which gives you more bang for your buck.

3: A Highly Informative Website

To get your website listed at the top of page and search rankings, you need to make sure that the content is clear, consistent, and informative. Providing information about your office is essential, but you should also make sure to provide links and information to aspects of your practice that patients might not normally consider. For example, if you provide dental financing through medical financing companies like SimplePay.com, make sure to provide an explanation of how that benefits your patients and links where they can find more information.

4: Local SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an essential marketing practice. For most dental offices, SEO is most useful if you focus your efforts locally. This means that people in your immediate area will see your office information when they do a Google search for dentists in your area. Depending on your site content, you will also turn up more often when people in your service area do a search for terms like “dentist with payment plans” or “patient financing.” To optimize your local SEO, make sure to mention your location in the text of your website, as this will improve your search rankings.

Whether your patients are looking for an office that can provide them with great service or simple want somebody who will work with them to create a dental payment plan, using the marketing techniques listed above can improve your overall reach and make sure that you bring in plenty of new patients.