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5 Reasons You Will Choose a Different Dental Financing Company Next Time

Not having dental insurance means seeking other ways to cover the costs of routine dental care and any procedures that may be necessary. The last time you needed some type of dental financing, you tried a specific lender. Now that you need another procedure, will you return to the same lender or look into what… Read more »


5 Practical Tips That Will Help You Make the Right Choice for Dental Financing

If you are among the many people who do not have access to dental insurance, the temptation to not go in for annual exams or take care of routine dental problems can be significant. At best, you try to hold off until there’s enough cash on hand to cover the expense. A better approach is… Read more »


Ways to Protect Yourself from Lending Club Dental Overcharge

You need a dental procedure but don’t have insurance. There’s also not a lot of savings to draw on right now. That leaves you with two alternatives: delay the procedure while you set aside enough money to cover the cost, or find the right financing. While there are plenty of reputable lenders offering medical and… Read more »


5 Different Types of Patients Who Benefit From Dental Financing Plans

While provincial health plans in Canada provide a great deal of support for citizens, the limitations on what type of dental treatments are covered can make some people delay essential care or avoid it altogether. That’s where dental financing plans come into the picture. With the aid of Ajeva dental payment plans that cover treatments… Read more »


5 Important Facts You Should Know About Patient Treatment Financing

While the Canada Health Act of 1984 ensures that citizens have access to medical services that that are considered to be essential, the range of care for dental issues is limited. In fact, only surgical dental procedures that meet certain criteria are covered. That means more routine care like filling cavities must be paid out… Read more »


6 Aspects of Managing Your Dental Financing Account That You Should Address Before Committing to Any Plan

Congratulations on qualifying for more than one dental financing plan! Now it’s time to look closely at each one and see what you think. Specifically, you want to look at the resources that help you manage your plan responsibly. It’s also important to understand what you can expect in terms of prompt support when and… Read more »


5 Important Factors You Should Consider Closely Before Committing to Any Type of Dental Financing

There’s more than one provider who can help you finance a needed dental procedure. Before going for the very first one you come across, why not take the time to look at those plans carefully? In many cases, you will find that a Care Credit alternative like Ajeva will be more in line with what… Read more »


4 Decisions You Should Make Before Choosing a Method for Financing Dental Work

Dental health is a major concern that sometimes is overlooked. According to a 2017 report compiled by the Canadian Dental Council, children missed an estimated 2.26 million school days because of some kind of dental related illness. The same report noted that children in the United States are five times more likely to seek emergency… Read more »


Exploring 5 of the Benefits Provided by Accessible Dental Financing Options

A 2017 report released by the National Association of Dental Plans indicates that 74 million adults and children in the United States were without some form of personal or group dental coverage during the 2016 calendar year. Since having coverage tends to encourage people to have annual checkups and go in for routine dental work,… Read more »


4 Responses to Those Who Think They Can’t Afford Dental Financing

The lack of dental coverage or a healthy bank balance motivates many people to avoid seeing a dentist. When a major problem arises, they are even more hesitant to seek out the help they need. While it’s true that many dental procedures are expensive, they are also necessary. If you are in need of a… Read more »


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