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4 Simple Reasons Why Dental Loans are Right For You

There’s more than one way to finance the cost of a dental procedure. The thing to remember is that some of those methods will be more complicated and maybe even harmful to your financial state, while something like Dental Financing by Ajeva would be great for you and your credit rating. Consider these four reasons… Read more »


4 Points to Check Before Accepting a Dental Loan

Not all financing options for dental treatments are the same. That’s why you want to understand what sort of commitment you are making. The most reputable lenders of dental loans for customers are happy to answer any questions you have before you accept the offer. Here are four questions that deserve answers before you decide… Read more »


5 Questions That Come to Mind When Your CareCredit Login Doesn’t Work

When you first set up your account and confirmed your CareCredit login information, things looked great. You would be able to manage your account balance and ensure everything was in order. That thought continued right up to the time you started having difficulty with the Care Credit sign in. When your login information doesn’t work… Read more »


5 Reasons Why the Care Credit Phone Number for Customer Service May Not Be Helpful

When you were approved for an account with Care Credit, the information included a Care Credit phone number for Customer Service. After needing to see help, you wonder why they even have a Care Credit customer service number. Like a number of other clients, the help you received was not what was expected. Here are… Read more »


Dental Financing Options and Procedures

How can you make sure that your patients get the dental treatment they need without getting scared away by the price? For customers with potential credit issues or a tight financial budget, dental finance options are the best way to make sure that everybody walks away happy and with the treatment they deserve. Finance choices… Read more »


How to Qualify for Dental Loans with Bad Credit?

Dental work is often expensive but necessary if you want a healthy mouth and a clear smile. Unfortunately, few modern health insurance policies carry true dental coverage, which leaves people who don’t have a separate insurance pool for dental work out in the cold. If you have bad credit, it becomes even harder to find… Read more »


5 Tips to Improve Your Dental Recall System

  When used properly, an office’s dental recall system can become one of its most effective marketing tools. Your recall system allows you to stay in touch with your patients and keep them informed of updates regarding appointments, billing, and dental payment plans. Even if you think your dental recall system works effectively now, it… Read more »


5 Steps to Greening Your Dental Office

  Your dental office can do more than clean teeth. In addition to matters of dental payment plans and patient comfort, you should consider ways that you can keep an environmentally friendly practice. After you have figured out matters such as staffing and dental finance, try these tips to green up your office. Doing so… Read more »


3 Ways the Dental Industry Will Change in 2018

The dental industry changes both more rapidly and more frequently than many people think. 2017 saw many changes, and 2018 will see many more. From more convenient dental payment plans to dental practices that focus more on patient comfort, one of the major trends facing the industry is the need to improve the patient experience…. Read more »


Beginner’s Guide to Branding Your Dental Practice

When you start your own dental practice, you need to become more than just a practitioner. You need to assemble a team of professionals who can help deliver the best business possible for your region. This involves a heavy dose of branding and modern marketing techniques. If you, like many practitioners out there, are not… Read more »


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