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Dental Loans Explained

Delaying dental work is not the wisest course of action. Given enough time, dental issues will pave the way for additional health issues. The best move is to schedule the procedure and come up with a way to cover the costs. Many people find that securing a dental loan is the most practical solution. Here… Read more »


Why Ajeva is Better Than the Others

Not everyone has access to dental insurance. If you’re among them, that means looking for another way to cover the cost of any dental procedures. While there are lenders out there who will work with you, not all of them are worth your time. You need a lender who will treat you with respect and… Read more »


Financing for Dental Implants

Dental care can be expensive. Since not everyone has the ability to pay out of pocket or has enough coverage on an insurance plan to pay for everything, some sort of dental implants financing is in order. The question is what sort of finance arrangement would work best for those new dental implants. Many dental… Read more »


7 Key Features That You Get With Ajeva Dental Financing

Your dentist recommends a procedure. The only problem is that you don’t have dental insurance and there’s not enough money on hand to pay for the entire procedure. What will you do? It’s time to check into options for dental financing and find one that allows you to pay for the procedure in installments. You’ll… Read more »


5 Qualities That the Best Dental Payment Plans Always Include

If you need dental work that’s not covered by insurance or there is no insurance to help with the expense, you need some sort of dental payment plan. The thing to remember is that not all dental payment plans are alike. Before you make any decision, check the plan to ensure it provides these five… Read more »


5 Reasons Why Dental Loans Are So Important Today

There is no doubt that dental procedures are expensive. Even people who have coverage don’t always find it easy to cover costs that are not included in their benefits. Those who have no coverage find themselves in a particularly precarious situation. Before deciding that dental loans aren’t all that important, consider this information. It will… Read more »


What Does It Take to Find the Right Bad Credit Dental Loans?

A 2016 report released by VantageScore indicated that of the 220 million US residents who are considered scoreable, around 68 million had what would be considered bad credit. That’s 30% of people with credit scores of 601 or less. Data supplied by TransUnion indicates that the VantageScore report is accurate. This means a significant number… Read more »


Dental Financing 101:Answers for the Questions Patients Often Ask

Industry statistics provided by Colonial Life indicate that 74 million US residents did not have dental coverage in 2017. This creates a real need for different forms of dental financing. If you are among these 74 million or even those who are underinsured, it pays to learn as much about different dental financing plans as… Read more »


Exploring Your Options for Financing Dental Care

Not everyone has access to comprehensive dental coverage. A 2017 report released by the Canadian Dental Association compares percentages of how many people seek dental care in a number of nations. For example, $26.2% of people considered to be poor sought care in the previous year. 42.4% of those considered to be in the average… Read more »


5 Facts You Should Know About Patient Financing Plans

While the American Dental Association indicates that as many as 200 million US residents have dental care through an employer or as privately purchased plan, not all of them make use of the coverage. That’s because the expense that remains after those plans pay the agreed upon portion still create a significant amount of expense… Read more »


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