About Us

Quality care for every single customer.

We are a human-focused dental finance company, offering loans to customers who need, but can’t afford dental treatment. Ajeva is an “approval-friendly” alternative to other lenders, who base their decisions solely on credit scores. Whether your customers have less-than-perfect credit and can’t qualify for financing, or they need an additional loan for a portion of their treatment, we can help.
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Our Founding Principle

ājīva : (m.) livelihood; living; subsistence.

We are founded on an ancient principle, ‘samma ajiva’, meaning “right livelihood”. The idea was simple. We believe in humanity. We believe in doing the right thing for others. We believe in doing well, while doing good. And we believe that quality care should be accessible for everyone. We love what we do, how we do it, and most importantly, why we do it.

Our Vision and Mission

We serve as the link between quality care for your customers and your thriving healthcare practice. We’re on a mission to transform the numbers-driven industry of finance to a human-driven industry of caring.

Our vision is a world where quality care is accessible for every single customer.

Our Promise to You

We promise to provide a more accessible financing option for your customers, allowing you to perform more effective treatments and grow your practice.

Our 4 points of Culture


Around here, the concept of joy is serious business. Joy is the fruit of life. And it’s necessary for living a truly abundant life. True joy comes from truly living. True joy comes from compassion, and caring for others. True joy is found in our successes, and our struggles. It’s found in our homes and in our work. True joy is found in every approval... in every customer we serve... in every provider’s thriving practice... and in every smile. True joy is the highest aspiration for us all and around here, we are committed to living it, audaciously.


Around here, our focus is our purpose. With focus we set our goals and make all our decisions. With focus we measure and celebrate our progress. With focus we care for every team member, every customer and every provider. Our focus is purposeful. Our focus is disciplined. Our focus is deliberate. Our vision of ‘accessible, quality care for everyone’ is pinpointed on a map. With focus, we grab our vision with fierce passion, and we are committed to holding on, until the job is done.


Around here, our success is rooted in our simplicity. With simplicity, we are able to be more, serve more, and do more — with less. With simplicity, we hold on to what is important, by getting rid of what isn’t. Simplicity is our journey and our destination. With simplicity, we learn, we improve, and we grow. With simplicity, our lives are easier, our customer's lives are easier, and our provider’s lives are easier... Everything is easier.


Around here, everyone matters. We are advocating for the success of every customer, every provider, and every team member. We are advocating for change in a system that needs changing. Through advocacy, we find our freedom, as we work together, and for others. Through advocacy we stand up for ourselves, as we stand up for others. Through advocacy, we are empowered. Through advocacy, we each take personal responsibility for our cause, and our cause doesn’t let us off the hook. And we don’t want it to, because accessible, quality care for everyone matters.

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