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60% of your patients walk out the door because they can’t afford dental treatment.

We can approve the applications other financing companies won’t, so you can treat more and earn more!

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Our holistic approach approves more patients for dental financing they need.

More treatments.

More financing approvals equals more patients treated. Win-win!

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Increase your revenue by treating the patients who are normally walking away.

Dental Financing

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So what is a simple dental financing? One of the great tests of running a dental practice is what to do for the patients who want the care you recommend, but simply can’t afford it. We know you care about every single patient, and the last thing you want to do is offer substandard care because of money — or worse, turn them away completely. But you also need to be compensated fairly for your services. That’s where we come in. We’re a dental financing lender specializing in patients with all sorts of credit needs. Let us cover the gaps in your dental financing options with most flexible dental payment plans, so you can get back to treating more patients.

Our solution for dental financing is simple for your staff to understand and easy for patients who need workable dental financing solutions to manage. We pride ourselves on providing fast and secure dental patient financing that works for everyone involved.


Best Dental Payment Plans

What do we offer in the way of dental payment plans? Our solution is a loan that allows your patient to cover most of the cost, less an up-front fee that the patient pays directly to you. The application process is simple and the funding can be there in a short amount of time. That makes it easy for you to provide the patient with whatever services are needed without any delays.

Our approach to a dental payment plan always takes the patient’s circumstances into consideration. The APR applied to the balance varies based on each patient. The minimum payments due monthly also take the patient’s circumstances into consideration. We don’t consider your patients to be mere numbers; like you, we view them as real people.

Let us help you set up a viable dental payment plan for your patients. It won’t take long to see why our solution ensures you get paid now and your patient doesn’t have to wait to have a necessary procedure. With Ajeva on your side, everyone wins.


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