Turning Boring Resume into a Visual Dynamo

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"infographics resume"If pictures can paint a thousand words, just how much more can an infographic resume will? In these tough times, a little dash of creativity and daring may be all that a freelancer needs in order to stand out from the crowd. The competition is ruthless and in an effort to make your resume shine, you may have to take the art of personal branding to the next level. So, how can you mix the powers of your work data and turn it into a savvy information graphics that will work like magic?

Basic Infographics for the Competitive Freelancer

For starters, infographics is a visual representation of a data, where the author expresses an idea that conveys the message of the data itself. This message should be precise and honest, making it reflect the facts on your resume – such as your education, interests, geography, work experience, skills, training and so on. The very goal of creating an infographic resume is to convince any potential client of your value as a job candidate. For example, if you have a lot of experience working with companies across the globe, a nice infographics can include a world map highlighting the locations of these businesses. You may also use charts to represent your work history. Take for example this sample resume, using Ashton Kutcher as an example:

Freelance at a Glance
Via: Fastcodesign.com

How to Make an Infographic Job Resume

There are more examples of infographic resume online like the ones featured by Randy Krum of Cool Infographics. To help you get started, you can:

Highlight Key Points

You have to decide which are the most important to show in your infographics and choose the top three messages you want to represent. For example, you can choose Education, Work Experience and Skills. You can choose image graphs to represent your education background, charts for work and years of experience, and a nice collage for your skills. The options are limitless. Just make sure that the data is easy to understand, even with all the colorful visuals around.

Create an Impact

You have to choose your colors, fonts and images wisely. Make sure that you choose something that’s easier to read. Instead of going for the usual Times New Roman font, try to use something much readable like the Georgia font. You are not writing a paper here so avoid indentations that may confuse your readers. Color combination is also a must and make sure that you choose colors that complement each other.

Build a Plot

Your infographic resume is the story of your freelancing life. What’s the climax? Highlighting key areas of your freelance career will help and you can focus on your achievements as well. The central storyline here is for you to sell your story to a potential client. Why should they hire you in the first place? Think of one word here: Benefits.

Dare to Be Different

There are also online tools like Visualize.me to help you create an infographic, and these other three, as featured in this post by Erica Swallow on Mashable.com – if you don’t have any background in doing a graphic design for yourself. Never forget to place a smiling photo that will add warmth to your visual resume. There are plenty of creative formats that you can use and the goal here is to show your personality and creativity.


Although we can get as innovative as we can when it comes to our professional resume, there are some things that never change. Make sure that your infographic resume is tailored to the position you are applying for and of course, you will still have to write a killer cover letter with a clear call to action.

Whether you go on the pure text or the visual mix lane, the rule of the thumb still applies: Avoid Jargons and Cliche. Your resume must be clearly understood and by all means, proofread your work before clicking on the submit button.

Your Turn

Have you created an infographic resume yourself? If you do, feel free to share the link in the comments section below. I can’t wait to see it!

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