How to Follow Up on Potential Clients Without Being Pushy

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follow up clientImagine a second date with someone.  Do you make that call?  Or, how about turning your cellphone into a silent mode as it rings for the nth time, from someone desperate to hear your voice?  The same things happen with your clients.  If you don’t have that poise in making a good follow-up move, you’ll miss many chances, for sure.  The question now is:  How do you make a follow up without sounding too creepy?

How to Make a Successful Follow Up

Freelancers are like cats chasing a mouse.  There’s no guarantee that you’ll catch a freelance gig and you can’t read minds like David Blaine does in reality TV.  When the momentum stops, you just need to catch up by:

1.  Taking Mental Notes

During an interview, take mental notes on what your potential clients are interested in.  Find any topic that can spark a future conversation.  It can be anything – from cheeseburgers to stock market news.  You can follow up the next day on this topic, just to refresh their memories about you.. in a professional way.

2.  Being Persuasive

There’s a thin line between persuasion and being too pushy.  If you plan to send a follow-up note, don’t forget to thank the recipient first for doing an interview with you last time.  You can always ask for the timeline of the project and don’t make the clients feel they have to rush in making a decision.  Just thank them for the opportunity of considering you for the job.

3.  Playing It Safe

Another way of following up with grace is to ask your prospects if they would love to receive email newsletters from you instead, or if they want to be added to your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn list.  Always make that connection.  They may not need your services now, but who knows?

4.  K.I.S.S.

Keep it short and simple ( silly! ).  Write a follow up email that grabs your reader’s attention without going overboard.  Keep a professional and friendly tone.  Sometimes, we just don’t know how we sound in our emails so you can grab a friend and get an honest opinion, before you click on send.  Start with a ‘hi’ or ‘hello,’ a reason why you’re writing the mail, a word of gratitude, and how the client can keep in touch with you.

5.  Keeping It Under 48 Hours

From sending follow-up emails, making a phone call, leaving a voice mail, to sending bids – you must do it within 48 hours ( or self-destruct ).  This will show your interest on the work.  If you want  your TV repaired and you got a call from after sales service after 14 days, how would you feel?  Don’t keep opportunities waiting; They have wings.

Making a follow-up is like having a blind date:  Awkward! There’s no one formula that fits all.  Just create a good first impression ( don’t be annoying ) and everything will be magic.

What follow-up ideas worked for you?    Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

How to Properly Follow Up After a Job Interview

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